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You may have certain fixed approach in your life which is ceasing your pace toward progress. Just- realize that all these limitations are with you according to the law of Karma or law of destiny. No one is to be blamed except yourself for your past Karmas. So there is no point in cursing God or others.

It is also true that many of these limitations can't be removed by you overnight i.e. you will have to live with them. But remember in whatever conditions you are, you can always make some changes. These changes will pave the way for bigger changes. All the doors are never closed for any one. Everyone is given a chance to grow further and to come out of the vicious circle of law of Karma however bad a person may have been. No one is doomed to eternal hell.

So by your efforts, determinations and by applying the power of your free will, you can gradually frustrate the forces of your destiny and be above your destiny.

Determination is the pre-requisite to achieve anything great.

At this stage, your destiny doesn't move you but you decide your destiny and the course of action of your life. By your efforts, will power and determination you can not only modify your destiny but even exploit it fully. If you have a strong desire, will power and working for a right cause there is no force on earth or in Heaven which can prevent your success. All the forces of universe will support your mission.Amen.



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